Major Advising

If you have already declared your major or you are admitted to a program upon entry, you can seek help from your Major Counselor who can provide you with accurate, timely information and help you understand the program requirements. They can also assist you in class timetabling, credit transferring and graduation matters.

UG Coordinators can provide you course information and selection as well as career prospects of the programs.

Major Counselors and UG Coordinators

ProgramName (Major Counselors)TelephoneEmail ( (UG Coordinators)Email (
BBA (Economics) Miss Leonna TONG 2358 7623 LEONNA Prof. Kam Wing SIU ECKWSIU
BBA (Finance) Ms Miki YEUNG
3469 2014 MIKIYEUNG Prof. Lynn PI LYNNPI
BBA (General Business Management) Mr Frankie MAN
Ms Ka Yee LEE
2358 8296
2358 7546
BBA (Global Business) Miss Alice LUI 2358 5095 BMALUI Prof. Emily NASON ENASON
BBA (Information System) Ms Queenie LAM 2358 7655 IMQUEEN Prof. Percy DIAS PERCY
BBA (Management) Ms Margaret CHAN 2358 7754 IMMAR Prof. Mark MIHOREAN MARKMI
BBA (Marketing) Ms Roxanne LAU 2358 7711 MKROX Prof. Ralf van der LANS RLANS
BBA (Operations Management) Miss Mandy HO 2358 7646 IMMHO Prof. Ronald LAU RLAU
BBA (Professional Accounting) Mrs Swallow Wei 2358 7553 ACSYWEI Dr. Kelvin MAK ACMAK
BBA (Economics & Finance) Miss Leonna TONG 2358 7623 LEONNA Prof. Kam Wing SIU ECKWSIU
BSc (Quantitative Finance) Ms Miki YEUNG 3469 2014 MIKIYEUNG

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Major Faculty Advisors

Besides UG Coordinators, you will also be assigned a Major Faculty Advisor when you are admitted to major. Your designated Major Faculty Advisor can give you more details about your major program.