Graduation Matters

Graduation and Degree Classification Policy Updates

The policies have been revised recently and effective from 2018-19 intake or after. For more details, please refer the Graduation and Degree Classification guidelines.


Surplus Course Exclusion Towards GGA Calculation (For students admitted in the 2017/18 intake or before)

You need to complete the form if you are a Summer 2019-20 Graduate and would like to exclude Surplus Courses for GGA Calculation.

Form for surplus course exclusion towards GGA calculation

Application period for Summer 2019/20 Graduates: August 19, 2020 - August 26, 2020


Withdrawal of Additional BBA Major

You can apply for withdrawal from your additional major after the add/drop period beginning from the Spring term of year 3, or after final examination in your final term of study.

You may complete the following form for withdrawal of additional BBA major:

Application period for Summer 2019/20 (after final examination - For Summer Graduates only): August 19, 2020 - August 26, 2020

Application period for Fall 2020/21 (during add/drop period - For Year 4 students only): September 7, 2020 - September 19, 2020

Please note that withdrawal application cannot be cancelled. If you have withdrawn the additional major, you can only declare the additional major again in the final term of study.

If you cannot complete this form by the deadline, the record on SIS will remain unchanged and you will graduate with dual major designation provided that you meet the graduation requirements of both majors.


Declaration of Additional BBA Major in the Final Term of Study

If you are Fall or Winter 2020/21 Graduates (except GBM) and would like to declare the additional major which is not on your official record (known as self-declaration of additional major), you should complete the following form:

Application period for Fall or Winter 2020/21 Graduates: September 7, 2020 - September 19, 2020

Please note that the declaration procedures apply to students who have changed the official additional major or self-declared an additional major. To apply for declaration of additional major, you are also required to apply for graduation in Fall or Winter 2020/21. Otherwise, your application will not be processed.

If you have received an official additional major and would like to graduate with the same major, you are not required to complete this form.