Direct/International Admissions to Business Programs

1. Do we have any specific quota for sub-degree students? 

Senior-year intake target ~35-50.

2. Are there any specific subject requirements for the business programs? 

Students from all subjects areas are welcome to apply.

For BBA Finance, BSc Economics and Finance and BSc Quantitative Finance, mathematics background is required. The following subjects are normally expected:

BBA Finance
  • IBDP: HL or SL Mathematics
  • GCEAL: Mathematics
  • SAT/AP: SAT MATH II or AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC
  • Other qualifications: Mathematics
BSc Economics and Finance
  • IBDP: HL Mathematics
  • GCEAL: Further Mathematics
  • SAT / AP: SAT MATH II or AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC
  • Other qualifications: Senior Level Mathematics
BSc Quantitative Finance
  • IBDP: HL Mathematics
  • GCEAL: Further Mathematics
  • SAT/AP: SAT MATH II or AP Calculus BC
  • Other qualifications: Senior Level Mathematics

3. Will there be any interviews? 

Interview is compulsory for BBA Global Business and BSc Quantitative Finance. For other business programs, some applicants may be invited for interview whereas some admission decisions may be made without an interview. 

4. I am now studying outside Hong Kong. Do I have to arrange a trip for the interview?

Online interviews may be arranged for applicants not living in Hong Kong. Interview invitations will be sent by email.

5. When will the offer decision be made? How will I be notified?

Full applications (including supporting documents) received before 15 November 2018 will be considered for early decision offers. Applicants who do not receive an early decision offer by end of December will automatically be considered in the main round.

Most of the main round offer decisions will be released from January to April. It is hard to say the exact date on which your offer will be made, and in some cases, offers will be made after this period so please be patient. You will be notified of your status by email or you can check your status from time to time online. 

6. What is the competitive score range?

Competitive scores of some popular qualifications for admission to HKUST Business School are given below for reference: 

2018 Competitive Scores

  • IBDP ≥35


  • SAT Reasoning ≥1350

7. Should I choose school-based admission (Business & Management) or specific major programs in my application choices?

The Year 1 curricula of all business programs are identical. If you are interested in business study in general and would like to take time to explore your program interest and aspiration, you should choose Business & Management to enter the School first and select your desired major(s) by the end of the 3rd semester. At least half of the program seats for each major are reserved for students admitted into Business & Management to enter the programs via the major selection exercises.

If, however, you have particular interest and understanding in a specific business major program (e.g. Marketing), you should put BBA Marketing as your 1st choice and Business & Management as your 2nd choice to maximize your chance to be admitted to HKUST Business School (given the smaller intake size of program-based admission versus that of school-based admission). 

8. Are there any scholarships?

Entrance scholarships will be awarded to students automatically on a competitive basis in terms of renewable or one-off, full or half tuition waivers. Information on scholarship awards will be provided together with the admission offer. Applicants do not need to submit a separate scholarship application. For details, please refer to

HKUST Business School also offers top-up scholarships for eligible applicants.

9. Can I transfer some credits from my current study?

Credit transfer may be granted to students with tertiary qualifications or pre-tertiary qualifications, such as IBDP, GCEAL / IAL and SAT / AP. For details, please visit:

10. Can students apply for the World Bachelor of Business (WBB) program?

WBB is a self-financing program jointly offered with University of Southern California (USA) and Bocconi University (Italy). Students may submit a separate WBB application via USC’s Common Application in addition to their HKUST application.

Please note that SAT or ACT with writing component scores is required for admission. Please refer to the program website for more information.