Application for HKSI Institute Scholarship Programme 2018 (Deadline: Jan 31, 2018)

The Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI) is offering the HKSI Institute Scholarship Programme to university students with outstanding academic performance.

Since the launch of HKSI Institute Scholarship Programme in 2004, more than 600 university students have been provided an avenue to advance their career development for the financial industry. Undergraduates of all disciplines are welcome to apply for the Scholarship to widen your horizons! The Programme details are outlined below:


Nomination and selection process for Nomination Route:

Eligible students will need to submit an essay of 1,000 words on a topic defined by HKSI Institute and other relevant documents through SBM online Job Bank. SBM UG Programs Office will review the applications and nominate a maximum of three (3) awardees to HKSI. All these three (3) awardees will receive an award package of a one-year free membership, HKSI Institute coupons and Cash Prize of HK$200 if their nominations are confirmed by HKSI. And they will be further assessed by HKSI to be consider for the next stage of award. Details are as follows:

  • The selected top ten (10) by HKSI will be called “finalists”, will be interviewed by the panel of HKSI judges. Top four (4) “finalists” will be selected as “Scholars” to receive another cash prize and an “Attachment and job shadowing program arranged by HKSI”.


  • Each Awardee (i.e. Nominees by HKUST Business School) will be offered a one-year free membership, HKSI Institute coupon of HK$3,000.00 and Cash Prize of HK$200 (for non-finalists)


  • Top 10 written essays selected for the panel interview will be offered an Induction programme and the 5thto 10th Finalists will be offered a Cash Prize of HK$700

Scholars: Rank 1st to 4th in the Finalist round

  • Winner: Cash Prize HK$5,000; Attachment & Shadowing Programme
  • First Runner Up: Cash Prize HK$4,000; Attachment & Shadowing Programme
  • Second Runner Up: Cash Prize HK$3,000; Attachment & Shadowing Programme
  • Third Runner Up: Cash Prize HK$2,000; Attachment & Shadowing Programme


  1. Full-time undergraduate students who are Hong Kong residents with the right of abode in Hong Kong, under the age of 26 years before September 30, 2018.
  2. HKUST Business School students with CGA scores at 3.5 or above are eligible to apply through the Nomination Route. The School would nominate a maximum of 3 awardees after selection. (**Students who will be on study leave in Spring 2018 are NOT eligible to apply.) Application Deadline: Jan 31, 2018.
  3. For the three (3) students nominated by HKUST Business School to HKSI, if they are selected by the HKSI as the “Scholars” in the final stage of selection process (i.e. rank 1st to 4th in the finalists), the “HKSI Institute Scholarship” wordings will be shown on their HKUST official transcript.
  4. Awardees of previous years are not eligible to apply under “Nomination Route”. They are welcome to participate via the “Application Route”.
  5. Students with CGA scores below 3.5 could apply through Application Route to the HKSI Institute directly. However, ONLY awardees from the Nomination Route would be recognized by the University and listed on official transcript. Application Deadline: Jan 19, 2018.
***Both routes are detailed in the HKSI Institute Scholarship page. SBM UG students are welcome to apply through both routes.

Application Method of the Nomination Route in HKUST:
Interested students please visit SBM online Job Bank for details and application (please search "HKSI" for the Company Name).

Application Deadline of the Nomination Route:
Jan 31, 2018