Optional C programming placement test – for waiving the prerequisite requirement of COMP2011 - ”Introduction to Object-oriented Programming”

If you have adequate computer C programming background, you are welcome to take this C programming placement test.  Upon passing the test, you will be able to waive the prerequisite of COMP2011 (”Introduction to Object-oriented Programming”), which is COMP1021 / COMP1022P / COMP1022Q / ISOM3230. The waiving enables you to directly register COMP2011.

Who should take the test:

  - Those students who are competent in fundamental programming and want to skip the following core fundamental programming courses (i.e. COMP1021 / COMP1022P / COMP1022Q / ISOM3230).

*** Those who are currently taking or have taken anyone of the above courses are NOT eligible to take this c-placement test. ***

Test format: 40 online multiple choices questions on C programming, closed book test; Duration: 1 Hour

Date/Time:         18-Jan-2018 (Thur).  10-11 a.m.

Venue:    Room 4213 (CS Lab 3) 4th floor, Lift 19/20

Please click on the link below and register the placement test before the test date

Please be sure to read through the FAQ below carefully before you register for the test.


  • In case of typhoon no. 8 or black rainstorm signals, the test will be postponed to the immediate following working date, same time and same venue.

What to bring to the test:  You will need your student ID card and your ITSC account/password to take the test. No electronic device is allowed in the test.

The syllabus:  Basic C programming concepts, which include for loop, while loop, if statement, array, string, data structures, file input/output, recursion, etc. For details, please refer to the online teaching materials of “COMP1029C – C Bridging course (for placement test)”. 


--> Login:  screentest  /  [password will be sent to you via email immediate after your registration]


  • To access the syllabus and learning material from outside UST network, e.g. from your home, you need to connect to the VPN network first.  See , then go to “Getting started” to install the VPN client installation.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.            Can this placement test substitute COMP1021 / COMP1022P / COMP1022Q / ISOM3230?

No. The placement test is solely served as the prerequisite waiver for COMP2011.  Passing the placement test neither earns any academic credit nor is considered as equivalent to passing the prerequisite courses of COMP2011.

2.            After taking COMP2011, can I take the COMP1021 / COMP1022P / COMP1022Q?

No.  However, most engineering students (except those enrolled in BEng(COMP), BEng(CPEG), BSc(COSC)) are required to take ONE of the engineering fundamental courses in programming only – COMP1021 / COMP1022P / COMP1022Q / COMP2011. If students have taken and passed COMP2011, there is no need for them to take COMP1021/1022P/1022Q anymore.

On the other hand, if you enroll into BEng(COMP), BEng(CPEG) or BSc(COSC) programs later, you will be required to take BOTH an engineering fundamental course in programming AND COMP2011.  If you have taken and passed COMP2011, you will need to seek your major department’s approval to deviate from their curriculum by taking other course(s) to make up for the 3 credits of the fundamental programming course.

Students planning to enroll into BEng(COMP), BEng(CPEG) or BSc(COSC) should also be alerted those who have completed COMP2011, will not be able to take COMP2012H, but they can take COMP2012 to fulfill the major requirement. The same applies to students in the BSc(RMBI) program.

(For details of curriculum deviation, see

3.            How long is the valid period of the result of placement test?

The result is valid for one academic year. Students who have passed the placement test may register COMP2011 within the valid period.

4.            After I have taken COMP1021 / COMP1022P / COMP1022Q / ISOM3230 but failed, can I take the placement test to waive the COMP2011 prerequisite requirement?

No.  If you have taken the above courses, you are not allowed to take the placement test.


Should you have any enquiry, please contact: