Booking of the UG Breakout Rooms 1-5 (G034, G033, G040, G041, G042)

LSK Business Building has now expanded the rooms available for student booking. We are pleased to announce the opening of the 5 UG Breakout Rooms on the G/F of the LSK Business Building for SBM students (including Dual Degree students) to use for group discussions or study. Please refer to the below links and guidelines for room booking: 



BOOKING GUIDELINES (for reference)

  1. The breakout rooms 1-5 are open for all SBM UG students and Dual Degree students to book when the rooms are not reserved for UG classes and activities.
  2. Each SBM UG student/Dual Degree student can book up to 1 hour per session, 1 session per day and 2 sessions per week.  Booking time is from 8am – 10pm
  3. Booking can be made one week in advance.
  4. Check in the room PUNCTUALLY by using your student ID card.  
  5. Please cancel your booking online ASAP if the booking session is no longer needed.
  6. Please keep the room clean and tidy at all times.  HKUST is a non-smoking campus; smoking is not allowed.
  7. Please ensure the door is securely locked when leaving the room.
  8. Students should take care of all the personal belongings in full responsibility.  The UG Programs Office will not be held responsible for any unattended or lost items.  Please contact Campus Security Office for assistance for any lost items.
For inquiries, please email: