Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center -Sign-up for TAKE FACULTY TO LUNCH Program (Deadline: Mar 12)


Who says there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH? Well, at SBM there is! If you are interested, please register for the TAKE FACULTY TO LUNCH program!! You can invite your favorite faculty for FREE lunch or tea/coffee!

This activity enhances mentoring relationships between faculty and students through a friendly, comfortable, and causal environment. You can even invite 1-2 school friends to join! Simply complete online form and include reasons for inviting the faculty with suggested topics to discuss. SBM Will match all requests and make all arrangements for professors and students.

Take Faculty to Lunch

Registration Form

Registration Period

February 28 – 12 March, 2019   (deadline: 23:59 on March 12, 2019)

Results Announcement

End March, 2019


April-May, 2019

Lunch/Tea Location

China Garden



Pacific Coffee

Canteen, LG7 and LSK

Lunch/Tea Costs

Up to max. of HK$70/person

Lunch/Tea Participants

1 SBM faculty +3 SBM students (max) *Students can join once with one faculty only


• Complete simple online feedback survey

• Submission of a group photo


Forrest Kam,

* This program is intended for general mentoring/sharing purposes only. For academic advising related to specific major and admissions, please contact your Academic Affairs and Advising Counselor (AAAC) or UG coordinator/ major advisor directly. For the list of UG Coordinator and major advisor, please click here.
About Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center

The Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center is established in 2017 with the sponsorship of the Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund in memory of the late Dr. Karen Lee, faculty member of HKUST Business School. Dr. Lee was a dedicated professor who recognized the value and importance of mentoring in helping students to identify their personal and professional goals.