Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center - CONVERSATION WITH FACULTY

Dear SBM Students,


Hope you are enjoying your first weeks of school!


Following the success of the ‘Take Faculty to Lunch’ series, which many of you participated in last year, we are trialing a new initiative called ‘CONVERSATION WITH FACULTY’. On a weekly basis, different faculty members will be available during designated time slots to talk with students in small groups about matters related to University life – including ‘stress and tension’, study-work-life balance, and any other issues you may be facing. The first two week of the program was positive! Appointments are now available for 16 – 27 September. Come in for a chat by registering below!


REGISTRATION LINK (sessions available for Sep 16 – 27):

*For Major related  inquiries, please contact your AAAC or department




See you!


Anirban and Emily

Your friendly neighborhood Associate Deans