Your 360 Guides to the Best Learning Experience

At HKUST Business School, we believe in providing the best learning experience for our students, so you can grow, develop and excel in your university life and beyond. That is why we have a 360o student-advising scheme, so you can seek help from our faculty advisors, pre-major/ major counselors, career counselors and peer mentors.

Do step out to learn more about student advising.

Your Faculty Advisors

All students will be assigned with a faculty advisor. New students are required to meet with their faculty advisor in their first term of study. They are here to provide you the counsel you need and guidance. To look up your faculty advisors, please go to Student Information System (SIS) after Sep 15, 2014.

Your Pre-Major Counselors

If this is your first year at our University, you may have a lot of questions in your transition to becoming a university student. That is why our UG Programs Office of the School of Business and Management has pre-major counselors ready to help. Each cohort has a dedicated pre-major counselor, who will be pleased to discuss with you your academic plans in the coming few years, provide you with an overview of your curricular and co-curricular programs and activities and connect you to different resources from the University.

Cohort Name Telephone Email (
Becker & Krugman Miss Jasmine CHEUNG 2358-8386 BMJASMINE
Friedman & Granger Ms Vivian CHU 2358-6900 BMVIV
Lucas & Merton Ms Isabella FU 2358-7536 BMBSFU
Nash Ms Wendy CHEUNG 2358-8047 BMWENDY
Ostrom Mr Samson CHUI 3469-2128 BMSCHUI
Solow Mr Forrest KAM 2358-6073 BMFORREST
Tinbergen Mr Frankie MAN 2358-8296 BMFRANKIE

Your Major Counselors & UG Coordinators

If you have already declared your major, you can seek help from your Major Counselor, who can provide you with accurate, timely information and help your understand the program requirements. She can also assists you in class timetabling, credit transferring and graduation matters:

Major Counselors

Program Name Telephone Email (
BBA (Professional Accounting) Miss Eva YE 2358-7557 EVAYE
BBA (Economics) Miss Leonna TONG 2358-7623 LEONNA
BBA (Finance) Miss Venus TAI 3469-2014 VENUSTAI
BBA (Global Business) Miss Alice LUI 2358-5095 BMALUI
BBA (Information Systems) Ms Queenie LAM 2358-7655 IMQUEEN
BBA (Operations Management) Miss Mandy HO 2358-7646 IMMHO
BBA (Management) Ms Margaret CHAN 2358-7754 IMMAR
BBA (Marketing) Ms Roxanne LAU 2358-7711 MKROX
Ms Belle WONG 2358-7893 BELLEWONG
BSc (Economics & Finance) Mr. Macro LEE 2358-7595 MACROECO
BSc (Quantitative Finance) Ms Venus TAI 3469-2014 VENUSTAI
Dual Degree &
BBA (General Business Management)
Ms Vivian CHU 2358-6900 BMVIV
Ms Ka Yee LEE 2358-7546 BMKAYEE

UG Coordinators

Program Name Email (
BBA (Professional Accounting) Dr Kelvin MAK ACMAK
BBA (Economics) Prof Yan YU YANYU
BBA (Finance) Prof Lynn PI LYNNPI
BBA (Global Business) Prof Emily NASON ENASON
BBA (Information Systems) Prof Garvin Percy DIAS PERCY
BBA (Operations Management) Prof Ronald LAU RLAU
BBA (Management) Prof Mark MIHOREAN MARKMI
BBA (Marketing) Prof Dennis LIM DTLIM
BSc (Quantitative Finance) Prof Ekkachai SAENYASIRI ESAENYASIRI
BSc (Economics & Finance) Prof Yan YU YANYU

Cohort Leaders

Do you need a different perspective or a helping hand from another university student? Once you are admitted to HKUST Business School, you will be able to join one of our Business Cohorts to provide you with the opportunity to mingle with and learn from your fellow students. If you are a new student, we will provide you with a cohort leader when your cohort is confirmed, so you can have someone to ask for tips and advice when settling in.

(Last Update: October 10, 2014)