Major Selection Exercise for Year 2 Students (admitted in 2014/15 or before)

Result for Additional Major Selection Exercise

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Application for Additional Major Selection Exercise

Application Period: June 24 - 28, 2016
Application link: Closed.

Result for First Major Selection Exercise

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Application for First Major Selection Exercise

Application Period: June 8 - 16, 2016
Application link: Closed.

Major Selection Information Sessions (Apr 2016)

SBM is going to organize the Major Selection Information Sessions from April 18-21, 2016 to provide information to students about different programs offered by SBM departments:

Time Mon
April 18, 2016
April 19, 2016
April 20, 2016
April 21, 2016
Information Sessions (Venue: LT-B)
6:00 - 6:30pm UG Overview Marketing Finance -
6:30 - 7:00pm Information Systems
(6:30 - 7:15pm)
Operations Management - Economics
Mingling Sessions (Venue: Academic Concourse outside LTA & B)
After Information Sessions Information Systems & Management
(7:15 - 8:15pm)
Marketing, Management & Operations Management
(7:00 - 8:00pm)
Professional Accounting, Finance
(7:00 - 8:00pm)
(7:30 - 8:30pm)

Information and mingling sessions: 
Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management

Mingling sessions only: 
Professional Accounting, Management

About Major Selection Exercise for Year 2 Students

If you did not choose a major in year 1, you may participate in the major selection exercise at the end of year 2. Students can choose one of the following:

• BBA in Economics (ECON)
• BBA in Finance (FINA)
• BBA in General Business Management (GBM)
• BBA in Information Systems (IS)
• BBA in Marketing (MARK)
• BBA in Management (MGMT)
• BBA in Operations Management (OM)
• BBA in Professional Accounting (ACCT)

Major selection for the 8 BBA programs will be done online.

About First Major

Every student must have a first major. Therefore first major selection exercise is compulsory if you do not have a major yet. If the student does not indicate any preference in the first major selection exercise in year 2, the student will be assigned General Business Management (GBM) major. GBM students cannot pursue a second major.

About Second Major

Choosing a Second Major is optional. If you decide to do so, the procedure is the same as your First Major and also conducted online. You can choose up to 3 programs in the order you prefer and the admission requirements are the same as your First Major.

Admission Requirements & Ranking Criteria

The minimum requirements and ranking criteria of each program are shown below:

Program Minimum Requirement Ranking Criteria
BBA(ACCT) Grade Average of
ACCT2010 & ACCT2200: 2.3,
ACCT 2010: C, &
ACCT 2200: C
Grade Average of ACCT 2010 &
ACCT 2200, then BCGA*
BBA(ECON) Grade Average of 
ECON2103/2113 & ECON2123: 2.3,
ECON 2103/2113: C, &
ECON 2123: C
Grade Average of ECON 2103/2113, & ECON 2123, then BCGA*
BBA(FINA) FINA 2303: C+ FINA 2303, then BCGA*
BBA(IS) ISOM 2010: C+ ISOM 2010, then BCGA*
BBA(OM) ISOM 2700: C+ ISOM 2700, then BCGA*
BBA(MARK) MARK 2120: C+ MARK 2120, then BCGA*
BBA(MGMT) MGMT 2110: C+ MGMT 2110, then BCGA*
BBA(GBM) - -

Ranking criteria will be applied to select students for admission to a program when there are more students interested in a program than the program quota. Note that only students who meet the minimum requirement(s) of a program will be ranked.

*BCGA includes the following courses:

ACCT2010 ACCT2200 ECON2103/2113
ECON2123 FINA2303 ISOM2010
ISOM2500 ISOM2700 LABU2051
LABU2052 MARK2120 MGMT2110

Application Procedures

Students submit the application online for their preference of programs in order of priority.

First Major Selection Exercise - Application period: June 8-16, 2016
Second Major Selection Exercise - Application period: June 24-28, 2016  

Past Figures of Major Selection Exercise for Year-2 Students

Corresponding Business Courses' Grade Range
2014 2015
First Major Second Major First Major Second Major
Program Corresponding Business Core Courses Mean Median 25th
Mean Median 25th
Mean Median 25th
Mean Median 25th
BBA(ACCT) ACCT2010 & ACCT2200 B+ A- B+ B B B- B+ B+ B B+ B+ B+
BBA(ECON) ECON2103/2113 & ECON2123 B B+ B- B B B- B B B B+ B+ B
BBA(FINA) FINA2303 B+ B+ B+ A- A- A- A- A- B+ A- A- B+
BBA(IS) ISOM2010 B- B- C+ B+ B+ B B B C+ A A A-
BBA(OM) ISOM2700 B- B- B- A- A- B+ B B B- A- A- A-
BBA(MARK) MARK2120 B B C+ A- A- B+ B B C+ A- A- B+
BBA(MGMT) MGMT2110 B B C+ B B B- B B- C+ B B B-

Schedule of Major Selection Exercises for Year-2 Students

Date Event
April 18 - 21, 2016 Information sessions for BBA programs in Spring 2016
June 8 - 16, 2016 Students declare their first major preference
June 23, 2016 Announce first major selection results
June 24 - 28, 2016 Students declare their second major preference
July 5, 2016 Announce second major selection results

Quotas for Major Selection Exercise for Year-2 Students, 2016

Program Total 1st Major Quota 2nd Major Quota
BBA (ACCT) 200 180 48
BBA (ECON) 100 55 73
BBA (FINA) 140 100 40
BBA (IS) 180 100 80
BBA (OM) 120 60 60
BBA (MARK) 190 160 35
BBA (MGMT) 190 70 172
Total 1120 725 508

Note: Unfilled 1st major quota will be added to the 2nd major quota.

More about Second Major

The Second Major program will be recorded in your academic portfolio in the following academic year. You will be automatically pre-registered for your First Major required courses, but you need to enroll on your own for your Second Major courses.

If, for any reasons, you are not able to register for a Second Major program, you can still try and enroll in Second Major courses by yourself.

However, priority will be given to those who are successful in the online selection process. Hence, class quotas may forbid you from securing a place. If you have set your heart on a Second Major it is better to go through the formal process.

Some of you may end up studying for a different Second Major from the one you originally select during the major selection exercise. If this is the case, you may opt out of your assigned Second Major and update your profile after the add/drop period of your last term of study.

If you have not selected a Second Major during the major selection exercise, but nonetheless are able to enroll in all the courses required for a Second Major on your own, you may also declare your Second Major after the add/drop period of your last term of study.

All graduating students will be given a last chance to opt out of their Second Major after the final examination of their last term of study. If you decide to opt out of your Second Major at the end of your studies, please do so after the final examination of your last term of study.


(Last Update: June 22, 2016)