Academic Planning

The School of Business and Management offers 9 BBA programs along with 2 BSc programs:

In addition, SBM jointly offers 2 BSc Programs with School of Science:

  • BSc in Biotechnology and Business (BIBU)
  • BSc in Mathematics and Economics (MAEC)

For details about the above programs, please visit Program and Course Catalog.

Starting from 2015/16, students will be able to choose major as long as they meet the requirements of the respective programs. Two rounds of Major Selection Exercise (MSE), namely Fall MSE and Spring MSE, will be conducted in Fall and Spring respectively.

Students (including those admitted to programs) can take a year or up to 3 regular terms  to see what programs fit your skills and interests before committing yourself to a specialization. We hope that this can help you receive a better, balanced curriculum and become a more well-rounded person in the future.

First Major
Every student must have a first major. If you do not have a major by the 3rd term of study (or 2nd term of study for senior year entry students), you will be assigned General Business Management (GBM). GBM students cannot pursue an additional major.

Additional Major
Choosing an additional major is optional. You may pursue an additional BBA major program if you are pursuing a BBA degree (except students majoring in GBM). The application process is the same as those of your first major.

In addition, students may be able to pursue an additional major program in other schools. Talk to your pre-major counselor or major counselor for enquiries.

Course Enrollments for First and Additional Major
You will automatically be pre-registered for your first major required courses. For your additional major courses, you will need to enroll on your own, but you will have priority on course enrollment during course registration period. If, for some reason, you are not able to register for an additional major program, you can still try and enroll in additional major courses by yourself. However, since class quotas may forbid you from securing a course place, it is better to go through the formal major selection exercise if you have set your heart on a particular additional major.

Declaring a Different Additional Major
If you have not selected an additional major during the major selection exercise, but nonetheless are able to enroll in all the courses required for an additional major on your own, you may declare your additional major after the add/drop period of your last term of study.

Opting Out of Your Additional Major
After one regular term of study, if you end up studying for a different additional major from the one you originally selected during the major selection exercise, you may opt out of your assigned additional major and update your profile after the add/drop period. The last opportunity for students to opt out of their additional major is after the final examination of their last term of study.

Minor Options
In addition to your first major program, you may also pursue minor programs offered by the School of Science, the School of Engineering, the School of Humanities and Social Science or other academic divisions that interest you.

For details about the minor programs, please visit Program and Course Catalog.

Exchange Program and School Projects
If you would like to enrich your university experience, HKUST also offers term exchanges, so you may also take a term to study abroad. You can also enroll in enrichment courses like the School’s Corporate or Social Responsibilities Projects.