General Regulations

Plan your study

The General Regulations and the Undergraduate Student Guide are important tools that can help you plan your academic study for the next 3 or 4 years. You can find these academic regulations in the Academic Calendar.

Academic integrity above all

Here at the HKUST Business School, we value academic integrity. We believe it is the most important among all academic regulations. It is the basis of the work of all of your fellow students at our university.

That is why it is our policy that there will be zero tolerance for academic dishonesty. All students who are found to have violated the principle of academic integrity will face academic disciplinary actions.

Plagiarism, cheating and any academic dishonesty is strictly prohibited. Any student who is caught cheating will have a cheating remark on their academic transcripts. This remark may be removed upon graduation provided that the student does not commit more than one offense. However, if students commit two or more offenses, whether during the same term or in different terms, he or she will be dismissed immediately.

To understand more about maintaining academic integrity in your work, please consult the academic regulations.