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The HKUST Business programs are designed to provide students with a board foundation of knowledge and great flexibility in learning. We ensure students get their right choices and acquire multidisciplinary skills that are in tune with today’s business environment. The Year 1 curricula of all business programs are identical and at least half of the program seats for each major are reserved for students admitted into Business and Management. Based on personal strengths and preferences, you can opt for a major at the point of admission. Alternatively, you can spend the first year exploring your interests and choose your major at the end of the first year or in the middle of the second year. Ample academic advising by faculty advisors and pre-major counselors will be offered to guide you through the decision making process.

The School offers nine Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs and two quantitative Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs. Students pursuing a BBA degree could opt for one of 37 combinations of single- or double-major. Planned overall program seats are listed below for reference:

Programs Planned Major Seats Planned Local Intake at Admission
Business and Management
(School-based admission)
Declare major(s) at the end of the first few semesters* 368^
BBA Economics 100 25^
BBA Finance 105 30^
BBA Global Business 55 25^
BBA Information Systems 180 25^
BBA Management 190 25^
BBA Marketing 215 25^
BBA Operations Management 120 25^
BBA Professional Accounting 200 60^
BSc Economics and Finance 55 25^
BSc Quantitative Finance 45 20^

Students interested in pursuing a more diverse set of business knowledge without a specialized focus can also opt for BBA General Business Management.

*In the 2015-16 major selection exercise for BBA majors (except Global Business), over 92% of students were able to enroll into their first- or second-choice major. For the 2015 graduating class, 82% of students completed their degree with additional major(s) or minor(s).

^Intake quota subject to minor adjustment.

  • Our first-year intake target is ~653 for local students and ~131 for non-local students (20% on top of local intake target).

  • In general, School of Business & Management recruits ~85% local students from the JUPAS pool and ~15% from the non-JUPAS pool.

Overview of Business Disciplines

BBA Economics

The BBA Economics (ECON) program combines the practical nature of business education with the analytical nature of Economics education. Students will take fundamental courses in business disciplines in the first three semesters and specialize in Economics afterwards.

Economics is a social science with broad subject matter covering topics such as consumers and firms' behavior in different types of markets, equity and efficiency of markets, economic growth, business cycles, international trade and finance, taxation and public policies, etc. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of economic principles and concepts and their applications towards the modern economy, in order to make important business decisions.

The economic way of thinking prepares students to face future challenges, by being able to independently analyze and respond to changing economic and social environment. Its broad subject matter and coherent methodology provide an excellent background for careers in business, banking, and the government.

The program is suitable for students who have an interest in the scientific studies of social and economic issues, and who aspire to be managers and business leaders.

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BBA Finance

The BBA Finance (FINA) program emphasizes on analytical and critical thinking skills in decision making as well as qualitative and quantitative analyses in finance. Students will learn how to identify valuable opportunities, how to evaluate alternatives, how to make sound and good financial decisions, how to assess and price risks, and how to manage money. Important topics covered in the program include corporate finance, corporate valuation, investment analysis and portfolio management, derivative securities, financial markets and institutions, financial accounting, and international finance.

The curriculum of the program is practical and prepares students for proficiency in working with industry-standard databases such as Bloomberg Professional service for real-time data, news and analytics. A unique course, Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), provides an opportunity for students to put the principles of fundamental investment in practice with real money and gain valuable experience in equity research and portfolio management.

The program is comprehensive and offers many elective courses for students to develop specialties in specific areas of finance. Meanwhile, it is also flexible enough to accommodate students’ interest in choosing other disciplines as their second major and minor studies. As such, our graduates are well prepared for professional qualifications such as CFA, CFP, FRM and PRM.

There are ample enrichment opportunities such as Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Finance Seminar Series, business competitions, company visits, career mentoring program, personal development training and internships, which prepare our students to be well-rounded finance professionals. In addition, many of our students take part in the International Exchange Program and benefit greatly from the experience.

With a strong understanding of finance concepts and business acumen, good analytical and quantitative skills as well as communication skills, our graduates typically pursue careers in investment banking, retail banking, fund management, trading, insurance, actuarial, accountancy and tax, compliance and risk, management consultancy and corporate law. Graduates with major in finance are also well-suited for careers in general line management, management consulting, private equity/venture capital and small business management.

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BBA General Business Management

The program is offered for students who would like to tailor-make their own broad-based business curriculum without confining their study to a single business discipline.

Curriculum (4-year)


BBA Global Business

The BBA Global Business (GBUS) program, the first of its kind and highly sought-after business program in Hong Kong, is designed for capable and highly motivated students who aspire to make a difference. With “Act with Integrity”, “Live with Compassion”, and “Commit to Excellence” as its mottoes, the program is designed to develop students to tackle global challenges and pursue their dreams as a responsible leader with humility, enthusiasm, cultural sensitivity, compassion in social causes, and sound critical thinking.

Learning at GBUS extends far beyond the classrooms and libraries. With a dynamic and diverse peer group and a strong culture of student initiatives, students can learn a great deal from each other. There are a variety of co-curricular activities for students to get involved and connected with the corporate and global community, such as Global Leadership Forum, Corporate Mentor Program, Study Trips, and International Business Case Competitions.

GBUS Program allows great flexibility for students to customize their learning experience. Students can select from a range of additional major(s) and/or minor(s) offered at HKUST, such as Finance, Information Systems, Mathematics, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, and Social Science to fit their interests and aspiration. All GBUS students take a foreign language and spend at least one term studying abroad at different top business schools of their choice, thus forming a wide global network. GBUS students could join the School’s exchange program twice to extend their global learning to different continents.

The design of the GBUS curriculum reflects our focus on the cultivation of students' global perspective and application-based learning. Some signature GBUS courses are “Doing Business in Asia and Emerging Markets”, “Global Perspectives on Contemporary Issues”, “Global Business Case Studies”, “Public Service Project”, and “Capstone Project”.

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BBA Information Systems

The BBA Information Systems (IS) program is offered by one of the Top-20 Information Systems departments in the world. Nowadays, information systems play a critical role in driving business innovations in organizations. This program trains students to become technically-proficient business professionals with the ability to analyze, design, implement, and audit information systems for businesses. The program is suitable for students who want to utilize technology to solve business problems.

The program enables students to pursue a career in these professional specializations: (1) information systems auditing, (2) technology and innovation management, (3) business analytics and business Intelligence and (4) business systems analysis, design and development. Prior background in science or IT is not required.

Distinguishing Features

Students may take part in the following activities for their own development:

  • Two options: (1) Business Analytics and (2) Information System Auditing

  • Combination of business foundation courses (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, etc.) and technology management courses (Innovation Management, Business Analytics, E-business, Technology Entrepreneurship, etc.)

  • CISA certification: first program in the Asia-Pacific region that was approved to be in alignment with the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) model curriculum. Our students can waive 4 years off the 5-year requirement for obtaining the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) professional certification which is a requirement for IS auditor jobs with the Big4 accounting firms

  • CISCO certification: students may pursue CISCO Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certification to prepare for careers in network administration

  • Case competitions: students may participate in international case competitions in the area of information systems to sharpen their problem solving skills

  • Internship: students may take summer or one-year internship programs offered by major companies to gain practical work experience

  • Final year project: students may work on company projects, mobile app development projects, or self-proposed projects

  • BBA-IS ISACA Student Club: first student club in greater China to be affiliated with ISACA. The Club works closely with the ISACA Hong Kong Chapter to provide professional networking opportunities for our students with Hong Kong business leaders

  • Career prospects: our graduates are in high demand in the job market and find placements as IS auditors, technology consultants, systems developers or analysts. Many students receive multiple internships and job offers before graduation.

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BBA Management

The ability to manage people and resources effectively requires a range of skills that is increasingly becoming essential in today’s competitive business world. Professional management skills are needed to guide businesses forward in accomplishing important strategic goals. The responsibility of managers involves effectively getting individuals and groups in a firm to perform their best while overseeing the commercial success of the business. Thus, students choosing to study Management will become skilled in the various key aspects of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling organizations.

Students will be able to understand and apply practical administration skills that involve: formulating both short-term and long-term goals, systematically undertaking rigorous decision-making processes, designing organizational structures, solving business problems, and understanding human motivations.

The Management Department at HKUST offers an excellent array of courses which develop essential management skills while allowing students to focus on their own areas of interest.

There are many courses to choose from that cover the following areas of study: Organizational Behavior, Negotiation, Management in Chinese Contexts, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, and International Management. For students interested in running their own businesses, the Management Department offers studies in Entrepreneurship. In addition, the Management Department is introducing two new Options for student specialization, namely, a ‘CSR and Sustainability Option’ and a ‘Consulting Option’. These exciting options will help prepare students to meet some of the challenging new trends emerging in the marketplace.

Ultimately, the BBA Management (MGMT) program aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective managers. Students will learn to evaluate the current needs of an organization and to anticipate future ones.

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BBA Marketing

The BBA Marketing (MARK) program provides students with knowledge of the analytical tools to understand marketing problems and the skills to solve practical problems encountered in the business profession. Central to the program are consumer behavior (since consumers are why organizations exist) and marketing research (since it provides an informational link between consumers and the decision makers within an organization).

Students take basic marketing core courses (Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Research), and electives in the areas of branding, pricing, retailing, marketing communication, international marketing, and business-to-business marketing. They then take a capstone integrative course—“Strategic Marketing” -- in their final year. The program utilizes a diverse portfolio of pedagogical learning tools that include interactive class discussion, case analysis, group projects, and games/simulations.

The program utilizes a diverse portfolio of pedagogical learning tools that include interactive class discussion, case analysis, group projects, and games/ simulations.

Our graduates obtain a well-rounded business education and develop an appreciation for the synergy between marketing and other business functions. They are expected to develop strong leadership ability, analytical and problem-solving skills, information-based decision-making, creative thinking, and strong interpersonal communications skills. Marketing courses are conducted in an interactive manner and students are usually exposed to a team environment.

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BBA Operations Management

The BBA Operations Management (OM) program focuses on the effective management of resources and business processes that produce and deliver the goods and services for all kinds of organizations. Our program emphasizes real business applications of management concepts and quantitative analysis to the design, planning, control, and improvement of business operations.

Our students learn a broad range of skills and technology that are essential in managing complex business processes and supply chain operations. Many OM courses emphasizing on business case studies and company projects have helped provide opportunities for the students to bridge the concepts with real business practices and prepare them to thrive in their professional careers. We take great pride in partnering with our students to create the best possible learning experience and to ensure they will develop strong leadership ability, analytical and problem-solving skills, and interpersonal communications skills.

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BBA Professional Accounting

The BBA Professional Accounting (ACCT) program gives students a world-class start to their professional careers. It equips students with a solid foundation in business and accounting knowledge, communications and leadership skills. Professional excellence courses, comprising seminars led by prominent business professionals, are incorporated into the curriculum for students to meet and learn from the leaders in the profession.

The program offers students ample opportunities to enrich their lives in the undergraduate years, for instances, internship and cadet programs offered by Big4 CPA firms; student exchange programs; and various case competitions organized by the relevant professional bodies. Scholarships are available for many of these activities too.

The program has long been acclaimed and accredited by both the academic agency and leading professional accounting bodies worldwide, namely, the AACSB International, the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (“ACCA”); and the CPA Australia.

The curriculum flexibility makes it possible for students to pursue dual majors if they wish to do so. The academic administration well coordinates course offerings among different programs and provides students with a conducive environment to achieve double majors upon graduation.

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BSc Economics and Finance

The BSc Economics and Finance (ECOF) program provides a rigorous training in Economics with an emphasis on analytical skills and quantitative methods, and a basic training in Finance. The program aims to train future leaders and researchers.

Economics covers broad topics with a coherent approach and applies scientific methods to study social and economic issues. The specially-designed, rigorous curriculum and the opportunity to do research with faculty members prepare ECOF graduates to pursue further studies in any field in business or social sciences.

Finance is an application of Economics on financial issues. The ECOF program enables students to understand Finance from a broad and fundamental Economics perspective. In addition to finance-related courses offered by the Economics Department such as “Money and Banking”; “International Macroeconomics and Finance”; “Globalization: Trade, Investment, and Exchange Rate”, students have the option of choosing from a variety of finance courses offered by the Finance Department.

Enjoying the synergy from solid education in both Economics and Finance, ECOF students are equipped with analytical skills and knowledge to form an in-depth understanding of the modern economy, as well as to independently analyze the economic and financial issues with theories and data. The flexible curriculum offers students the option to customize their study based on personal interests. The program also trains students to clearly and effectively explain economics issues through writing and presentations.

The program is suitable for students who have an interest in a rigorous study of social and economic issues, and who aspire to become a leader in business, government, or non-government organizations. It is also suitable for students interested in further study in any field in business or social sciences.

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BSc Quantitative Finance

The BSc Quantitative Finance (QFIN) program, offered by the HKUST Business School, is an undergraduate program designed for high-caliber students with a strong desire to become professionals in the finance industry.

Students in this program will follow an integrated curriculum comprising courses from different schools. They will acquire mathematical and statistical tools, computational experience, and financial knowledge, which are the basis of today’s finance industry. Important topics covered in the program include corporate finance, corporate valuation, investment analysis and portfolio management, derivative securities, quantitative trading, and risk management. Having cutting-edge knowledge in quantitative methods and financial tools, QFIN graduates are sought after by employers from the finance industry and across different sectors in business.

The QFIN program is both challenging and selective, offering a wide range of training courses and enrichment opportunities such as Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Bloomberg Training Program, Finance Seminar Series, International Exchange Program, business case competitions personal development training, company visits, and career mentoring program. It is common for our students to take one or two semesters of study leave to work as full-time interns at financial firms. The experiences from multiple internships give them a significant advantage in the job market upon graduation.

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Joint School/Interdisciplinary Programs

Other than the above business programs, students in the HKUST Business School may apply to pursue an joint school/interdisciplinary program upon completion of the first year of study:

For more information, please refer to the respective program websites.

Joint University Program

World Bachelor in Business (WBB)

The World Bachelor in Business (WBB) partnership between the University of Southern California (United States), HKUST (Hong Kong), and Bocconi University (Italy), represents a bold new undertaking in higher education. For a pioneering group of 45 students, the WBB will provide unparalleled opportunities and challenges. During four years of study, students will live on three continents where they will learn from internationally renowned teachers and scholars. They will explore diverse cultures and push themselves to new limits. Please note that this program has different application timelines, admission requirements, and fees. Please refer to the program website for more information.


For full details of programs and courses offered in 2016-17, please see: