Non-JUPAS Admission Requirements for 2017 Intake

If you are a non-local student or a local student applying on basis qualifications other than the HKDSE, please visit the following links for details of admission requirements according to the qualification you hold:

International Qualifications
For applicants with international qualifications (e.g. IBDP, GCEAL, SAT/AP, etc.).

Note: Students applying on basis of international qualifications can select up to two choices. If you are interested in business study in general and would like to take time to explore your program interest and aspiration, you should choose Business and Management to enter the School first and select your desired major(s) at the end of the first few semesters. If you have particular interest and understanding in a specific business program (e.g. Marketing), you should put BBA Marketing as your 1st choice and Business & Management as your 2nd choice to maximize your chance to be admitted to HKUST Business School (given the smaller intake size of program-based admission).

Mainland Joint Entrance Examination (JEE / Gaokao)
For applicants who have taken the Joint Entrance Examination for Universities in People’s Republic of China (JEE / Gaokao).

Note: Students applying on basis of mainland JEE qualification should select only one choice in application. Applicants applying for a specific business program may be considered for a School-based admission offer instead and select your desired major(s) at the end of the second or the third semester.

Post-Secondary Qualifications
For applicants with post-secondary education background, including (i) graduates of or current students completing an associate degree or a higher diploma program at Hong Kong institutions and (ii) transfer students from local or overseas degree programs.

Note: Students applying on basis of sub-degree qualifications, e.g. associate degree or higher diploma, should select only Business and Management for entering the School first and select your desired major(s) at the end of the first or the second semester.

Specific Subject Requirements

Students from all subjects are welcome to apply.

For BBA Finance, BSc Economics and Finance and BSc Quantitative Finance, mathematics background is required. The following subjects are normally expected:

Competitive Score Range

Competitive scores of some popular qualifications for admission to HKUST Business School are given below for reference:

2016 Competitive Scores

  • IBDP ≥35


  • SAT Reasoning ≥2000