Create My Online Resume

To help match the right student to the right job, our UG Programs Office has an online resume platform for our UG business students to create or update their online resumes.

You can create and save copies of your resume, with a maximum of 3 versions. You can also add or take out any information for different categories.

How can I write a good resume?

CV Writing Workshops

A well-written resume can make clear to potential employers whether your skills fit their needs, attracting their attention and increase your chance of getting a face-to-face interview. To help you write a CV that can best showcase your talents, our UG Programs Office regularly invites different professional consultants to conduct CV writing workshops and seminars for our business students.

Here are some examples of the workshops and seminars we have run in the past:

CV Writing Workshp by ARCH Academy

Credit Suisse Interview and CV Writing Skills Seminar

You can also find CV Writing Tips on our Career Center’s site.

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Create My Online Resume
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