How to Apply?

Starting from March 9, 2015, SBM New Career Portal is ready for you to apply jobs by uploading your personal resume and/or the required document requested by the employer/SBM.

Step 1 : Look for a job in which you are interested and for which you are eligible to apply.

Step 2 : For the jobs requiring you to apply directly to the company, please send your applications to the employers directly according to the information provided.

For the jobs requiring you to apply via SBM New Career Portal, please prepare your personal resume and the required documents in PDF format (Max: 5 MB for each document) and upload them via SBM New Career Portal.

Step 3 : For the jobs applied via SBM New Career Portal (i.e. those not applied directly to a company), you will receive email notifications about your updated application status (e.g. Applied, Rejected) . For any questions regarding your application via SBM New Career Portal, kindly email to for enquiry.

Step 4 : Click “My Job List” in SBM New Career Portal to check the list of jobs which you have applied and the updated job status.

SBM New Career Portal
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