International Case Competitions

Hone your strategic mind and exercise your business savvy! Here at HKUST Business School, you get the opportunity of being selected and trained for various business case competitions. In these competitions, student teams are given real-life business situations and asked to develop a strategy to address the issues. Develop your confidence and analytical skills, get challenged by real-life business problems and gain the kind of experience that can help your career.

Here are some case competitions in which our students have participated:

Citi International Case

Marshall International Case Competition, University of Southern California

Citi International Case Competition (CICC)

One of the case competitions our students compete in is the Citi International Case Competition (CICC) – our Business School’s own annual competition, organized with Citi’s support.

The CICC is the first international business competition held in Hong Kong. Upon its establishment in 2003, it became the first Asia-based contest to draw top-ranked business schools from around the world. Now it is our tradition to invite 20 top-ranked international business schools each year to compete in the CICC.

You, too, can participate in the CICC and other business case competitions. Take advantage of these opportunities to engage your mind and compete with students from around the world.

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International Business Case Competitions
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