Course Outlines and Credits

For Business Course Outlines, Credits, and Pre-Requisite Requirements, you may check under the homepage of respective departments listed on our Business School website. Some departments will have detailed course outlines posted.

For information on non-business courses, visit the respective School & Departments homepage listed under our university's website.

Yet another alternative is to visit our Academic Calendar which has a listing of brief course descriptions for all Schools & Departments.

Course Credits is indicated in a vector on the right-hand side of the title. For example, a course with a vector of [3-1-0:4] denotes a course that has 3 lecture hours plus1 tutorial hour a week over a 14 week semester and is worth a total of 4 credits.

Many of our courses have Pre-requisite Requirements; particularly with the 200- and 300- level courses. Students are responsible for checking and making sure they met the pre-requisite requirements of their selected courses.