Mainland Exchange Term Program

Students can only participate in one Exchange Program - either an Overseas Exchange or a Mainland Exchange, but not both. The overall selection criteria for the Mainland Exchange Term Program are broadly similar to the criteria for Overseas Exchanges. The main difference is that NO INTERVIEW is required for eligible applicants for Mainland programs. Your selection and scoring will be based on the individual university’s CGA requirements and the paper applications you submit.

Students in the 4-Year program can study in Mainland in the below semesters for exchange:

Application Period for 4Y Students
Exchange Term

Application period

Students who can apply

3rd Year Fall Exchange

Feb – Mar

Year-2 students at the end of Fall

3rd Year Spring Exchange

Sept – Oct

Year-3 students at the end of Spring

4th Year Fall Exchange

Feb – Mar

Year-3 students at the end of Fall

The minimum CGA criterion for Mainland exchange is 2.65. If you are interested in applying to Fudan, Peking or Tsinghua Universities you should note the expected CGA requirement of these schools is at 3.0 and no failing courses.

There are currently 12 Mainland China universities in the exchange program. This program is administered by the GSPO (Global Student Programs Office). To find out more about these universities and their application procedures, you can click on the button below for details:

Please note the Spring 2017 deadline below for reference. 

Spring 2018

Application Deadline: 27 Sept, 2017

Please complete the online application form and then submit it with CV and Transcript by the above deadline. Late applications will NOT be considered.

Students who are successfully selected for Mainland Exchange have to sign SBM undertaking in additional to GSPO's one.

Questions regarding this exchange program can be directed to the UG Exchange Team: