Exchange Selection Criteria

The overseas exchange selection criterion has been revised and is applicable to all 4-Year students.

To be short-listed for interviews and get a chance of going on exchange, you must submit an online application and meet a number of requirements. In addition to your academic achievements, you will also be assessed in other areas according to the following formula: 

Total Score = 50% CGA + 20% Paper Application (Online) + 30% Interview (Overall)

The details of the Scoring Breakdown are as follows:

 50% CGA

• Students must meet a minimum CGA of 2.65 or above to be eligible for interviews

 20% Paper Application

• 10% Personal Essay
• 10% Personal Development, Leadership skills, & Community Involvement

 30% Interview

• 10 % School Choices (i.e. suitability and knowledge of chosen institutions)
• English Communication Skills
• Interpersonal and Group Interaction Skills
• Motivation and demonstrated awareness of other cultures
• Personal Attributes/Ability to represent HKUST
• Elaboration of Paper Application and Resume

In general, our automated system will match students to a university based on your total score and your top choice of university in order of priority, which has availability. You must also meet the host university’s requirements such as TOEFL/IELTS and any other specified conditions. The scoring of any particular applicant is confidential and will not be disclosed. SBM reserves the right to make the final selection decision.

Clearing Round
Students with no offer meeting that are eligible to participate in the Clearing Round will have the option to participate or skip the clearing round based on the available schools. Students who participate will be subject to the same acceptance policies and penalties. More details of this arrangement will be provided to the relevant students during the allocation process. More details of this arrangement will be released at a later date.

Mainland Exchange Program
Please note that no interviews are required for the Mainland Exchange Program and your total score will be derived entirely from your online application instead. Click here for more details.