Application Procedures

Revisions have been made to the application procedures for the SBM Exchange Program which is effective for all students admitted from 2012-13 onwards.

Exchange Semesters and Application Periods

the 4-Year program can study abroad in the below semesters for exchange:

Application Period for 4Y Students
Exchange Term

Application period

Students who can apply

3rd Year Fall Exchange

Dec – Jan

Year-2 students at the end of Fall

3rd Year Spring Exchange

May – Jun

Year-2 students at the end of Spring

4th Year Fall Exchange

Dec – Jan

Year-3 students at the end of Fall

Application Procedures
Students need to fill in an online application. The form consists of 4 parts which include Part I: Personal & Academic Information, Part II: Personal Essay, Part III: Personal Development, Leadership Skills, & Community Involvement, Part IV: Exchange Choices, and Part V: Upload Supporting Documents. You must fill in and submit all parts in order to complete an application. All applications and supporting documents (e.g. CV, English test score, if that is applicable) must be submitted by the application deadline.

Exchange Interview
Students who apply must also attend a group interview to be considered for exchange. Students must be available for interviews during the below indicated periods.

Interview Period

Exchange Term

Interview period

Spring Exchange

end June - beginning July (TBC)

Fall Exchange

end January - beginning February (TBC)

The interview format will be conducted in English and consists of 3 parts including Part A: Self-Introduction, Part B: English Communication Skills and Group Interaction, Part C: Follow-up Questions for Applicants. Usually, the interviews are conducted with 2 interviewers in groups of 4-5 students and last around 30 minutes. 

Online Application
The link to the online application will be accessible by the relevant year of students during the applicable application periods.