Preparing for Your Exchange

Visa Application
Please note that you will be responsible for obtaining your student visa for the country of the institution you are planning to attend before you leave Hong Kong. The visa process may take some time so you should apply as early as possible. For details of the Consulates of different countries, please click here.

Course Equivalency System
To help you plan and choose your overseas course, you can check course equivalency details at the Course Equivalency System. This is for your reference only and is subject to change.

Credit Transfer
The University has an approved set of guidelines governing the transfer of credits you earn at the overseas institution you attend. Please read this guideline carefully so you understand the system before going on your exchange trip.

Travel Insurance
For students who will go on exchange study outside Hong Kong, the University requires that these students subscribe to the University's Travel Insurance for Exchange-out Students. The plan provides insurance cover for student's travelling in the destination country of their exchange study. SFAO will provide insurance details to all successful exchange students.

Your host institution may also have additional insurance requirements for exchange students. In this case, it is a good idea to purchase the plan provided by your host institution either before or after you arrive at your destination. You can check with the exchange coordinator for details if you don’t know how or where to buy the insurance.

Please note that insurance cover is mandatory for all exchange students. If you do not comply fully with all the insurance requirements you will not be allowed to go on the exchange.


  1. When do I need to submit my Exchange Report?

    You will be expected to submit an Exchange Report of your term overseas within 30 days of your return to Hong Kong.
  2. How can I get information about courses offered in my exchange university?

    You can find details of different courses at the various partner institutions either from their websites or by checking past students’ exchange reports.
  3. Do I need to prepare for credit transfer before my exchange term?

    You can do this either before or after your exchange term. However, if you want to choose courses which are directly equivalent to your courses at HKUST, you may wish to prepare your credit exchange before your term.
  4. Will the school help me to apply for a visa?

    When you receive the acceptance letter from your exchange university, we will provide you with an approval letter to support your visa application. Then you need to apply for your visa yourself.
  5. Do I need to pay tuition fees to my exchange university?

    No. Exchange students only need to pay the tuition fees of HKUST.

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