Financial Aid and Scholarships

Need help covering the expenses while you travel and learn? There are several University Scholarships available to assist you with the cost of your exchange program:

  • Aji-No-Chinmi Co (HK) Ltd Scholarship for Overseas Experience 
  • China Merchants Scholarship
  • Forewide 20th Anniversary Exchange Scholarship
  • Fung Scholarships 
  • HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund - Exchange Scholarships for Non-local Students 
  • Hung Choh Jan Fong Scholarships
  • Kowloon Investment Co. Ltd. Overseas Exchange Scholarships
  • Lee Hysan Foundation Exchange Scholarships
  • The Centaline Eagle Club Exchange Programme Scholarship

These scholarships are handling by the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office (SFAO) and for more details on these awards, please visit the SFAO Scholarship website.

Our University also offers Exchange Sponsorship through the Global Student Programs Office (GSPO). The schemes that are available include:

  • HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship (for local and non-local; non-means tested)
  • Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students (for local only; means-tested)
  • Subsidy on Exchange to "Belt and Road" Regions for Post-secondary Students (for local only; means-tested)

These sponsorships are handled by the GSPO. For more details on these sponsorship scheme, please visit the GSPO Study Abroad website.

Besides the above, scholarships and sponsorship, our Business School also offers SBM travel-related financial award schemes

  • Wong Chak Chui International enrichment Scholarship (for local and non-local; means-tested; CGA 2.85)
  • International Enrichment Grant (for local and non-local; means-tested)
  • Franklin Fund (for local; means and non-means tested)

These schemes are handled by SBM. For details on the International Enrichment Scholarship/Grant, please email and refer to this website for the Franklin Fund.

Successful exchange application will be separately provided with more details of these financial aid schemes. You may also contact SFAO to explore other forms of financial aid offered by the University.