Incoming Exchange Students Testimonials

Hello and welcome to Hong Kong! Every year non-local students come to HKUST Business School to experience Hong Kong and all that our Business School has to offer. If you are a non-local student, what will you learn and experience at our Business School? Find out how other non-local students feel about their exchange program.

Past Testimonials

Aidan Mullan, Spring 2012 Exchange
National University of Ireland, Ireland

“My semester at HKUST will always be one of the best things I have ever done. From start to finish the whole exchange program lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Without doubt the friends…it is to HKUST’s credit that these friendships have begun…” more

Michael Trivelli, Spring 2011
Miami University, USA

"My experience was unlike most Miami study abroad programs because there were only 2 other Miami students at HKUST…There were also 200 other exchange students…We made great friends and shared many memories in Hong Kong, but my favorite part of this experience was the travelling throughout Asia on the weekends and over holiday breaks...” more

Francesco Polon, Fall 2012
Bocconi University, Italy

“HKUST is such a fantastic place to study and make new friends. Facilities here are world-class. The local students here are nice and willing to help, and other exchange-in students from all over the world are interesting people to hang out with...” more

Andrew Young-Hwi Cho, Fall 2010
Ohio State University, USA

“I could never imagine how diverse the Chinese Society was before coming to Hong Kong as an exchange student…I have grasped every opportunity to make friends with local and international students at HKUST and put a lot of effort into learning about new cultures...” more


Lars Eskebaek
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

"Hong Kong is an amazing place to be with the bustling city life, but what many don't know about is its' equally splendid natural landscapes like beaches, islands
and small mountains. The contrast is great…" more

Boyan Ivanov
McGill University, Canada

"Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” These were the words of a humble French emperor..." more