Short-Term Study Programs

Exchange doesn’t suit your needs? Want to go it alone? Besides taking part in the exchange programs, you can participate in VISITING PROGRAMS or SHORT-TERM STUDY PROGRAMS in the winter or summer break! These programs are short and fun and besides courses, many programs will also include social elements and fun excursions!

Information and links on these types of short-term open enrollment programs offered by our exchange partners will be summarized in this PDF Table on a rolling basis. Please note that these are not related to exchange and students will need to pay the full program fees. Students are to apply directly with the offering university.

Interested students should directly contact the offering university for more program and application details.

Some programs may have courses that can transfer back. In order to do so, please ensure that you refer to the course assessment and credit transfer procedures from the Office of Credit Transfer if you are 4Y students.  For 3Y students, please go to the link for details.

To view short-term study trip experiences of past students, please click here.

To view past PowerPoints of Short-Term Study Trip info sessions and handouts, please click below:

2013-14 Short-Term  Study Programs Information Session 

Powerpoint       [First Session] [Second Session]
Handout [First Session] [Second Session]

2014-15 Short-Term Study Programs Information Session  
Powerpoint        [First Session] [Second Session]
Handout [First Session] [Second Session]

2015-16 Short-Term Study Programs Information Session

Powerpoint                        [Link]

Handout                            [Link]

2016-17 Short-Term Study Programs Information Session

Powerpoint                       [Link]

Handout                           [Link]