Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Freshmen

Academic Affairs and Advising Counselor (AAAC)

1. If I have questions, may I know whom I should talk to in SBM?
At SBM, each new student is assigned a designated Academic Affairs and Advising Counselor (AAAC) and you may contact your AAAC for information on your academic plans, university academic regulations and policies, and to get connected to different resources available from the University. You will be informed who your designated AAAC is. Check out here for more information about student advising:

Advising and Orientation

2. Are there any compulsory events that I must attend before the term begins?
Yes, there are a lot of events and activities which you must attend or have the option to attend in order to learn more about the School and the University. For compulsory events organized by the School, please check here:

For events offered by the University, please take a look here: Some events are compulsory. So, please don’t miss them.

3. If I cannot attend the designated academic advising session in August, can I attend other sessions?
The Academic Advising Session is important for you to understand the curriculum, other academic related matters as well as essential information that you need to know before the term begins. Therefore, you are strongly advised to attend the designated session. If you cannot attend the designated session, please email as soon as possible.

4. Is it a requirement to join an orientation camp?
Most orientation camps (O’Camp) are organized by student societies. Joining O’Camp is optional and on a voluntary basis. You may feel free to join one or more.

Check here for the details:

Course Enrollment

5. How many credits can I enroll for in my first term of study?
The maximum number of credits to be taken in the first term is 15 so that you can have better transition and adjustment to the University environment. After the first term, you may enroll up to 18 credits.

For credit loading policy, please click here:

6. What courses should I take in the first term?
Based on your pre-admission qualifications, the majority of students will follow one of the study pathways in the below link and be pre-enrolled in Business Core courses. For non-JUPAS students with credit transfers in English and Mathematics and at least 15 transferred credits in total, your study pathway may be different.

For more details, please refer to the following website:

7. Can I drop pre-enrolled courses?
No, you are not allowed to drop pre-enrolled courses as these courses are normally Business Core courses required by the curriculum. Dropping a pre-enrolled course may result in failing to meet the pre-requisite requirement for a subsequent course.

8. I have been pre-enrolled in MATH1013 Calculus and Linear Algebra. Can I take MATH1003 Calculus IB instead to fulfill the Business Core requirement?
No, students are pre-enrolled in MATH1003 and MATH1013 based on pre-admission background. Students pre-enrolled in MATH1013 are not allowed to take MATH1003.

9. I have been pre-enrolled in MATH1003 Calculus and Linear Algebra. Can I take MATH1012/1013 Calculus IA/IB to fulfill the Business Core requirement?
Yes, if students want to challenge themselves, those pre-enrolled in MATH1003 can switch to take a more advanced Calculus course such as MATH1012 or MATH1013 to fulfill the Business Core requirement. However, please note that you may not be able to go back to MATH1003 after switching due to quota constraint, so you must consider thoroughly before changing. Contact your Academic Affairs and Advising Counselor (AAAC) for advice.

10. Can I enroll in COMP1001 Exploring Multimedia and Internet Computing and SOSC1440 Introduction to Economics?
No, COMP1001 and SOSC1440 are mutually exclusive to ISOM2010 and ECON2103/2113/2123, respectively. The latter two are also required Business Core courses for all SBM students. Please drop these courses as soon as possible before the end of add/drop period if you have mistakenly registered for them. You will not earn any credits if you take a course which is an exclusion to a required course in the curriculum.

11. I am interested in Quantitative Finance (QFIN)/Risk Management and Business Intelligence(RMBI)/Dual Degree Program (DDP). Are there specific courses I should take?
If students consider QFIN as one of the major choices, you must take one of MATH1012/1023/1020/1023 in order to meet the entry requirement. If you are pre-enrolled in MATH1003, contact your Academic Affairs and Advising Counselor (AAAC) to switch to a more advanced Calculus course before the end of the add/drop period.

Credit Transfer

12. I was admitted through IB/GCEAL and I know that I can transfer some credits to HKUST. How can I apply for the credit transfer?
Students admitted through IB/GCEAL are automatically granted 9 credits of block transfer in University Common Core (UCC), 3 credits each in non-School Sponsored Course (SSC) in Humanities (H), Social Analysis (SA), and Science & Technology (S&T) respectively. If any subjects taken in the public examination have met the transfer requirements for HKUST courses, the transfer will be done automatically and no application is required. However, if the record has not been updated on Student Information System (SIS) in the beginning of the term, please contact Mr. Frankie Man ( before the end of the add/drop period.

13. I was admitted through IB/GCEAL or local sub-degree program and transferred MATH1013/1020. May I use this course to fulfill both Business Core and University Common Core (UCC) requirements?
No, students who receive 9 credits of block transfer in UCC on entry are not allowed to use other courses transferred on entry to fulfill the UCC requirement (except English and Chinese Communication components). Therefore, IB, GCEAL and local sub-degree entry students can use the transferred MATH1013/1020 to fulfill Business Core requirement only, but they cannot use it to fulfill the UCC requirement (QR component).

For more information, please check the following website:

14. If I have other public examination results which I have not submitted during the admission process such as TOEFL or IELTS which can meet the UCC English Language requirements, can I apply for credit transfer? When is the deadline?
Yes, please bring your original English Language proficiency test result or other public examination certificate not submitted during the application process to SBM UG Programs Office for credit transfer arrangement before the end of September 2017. You are encouraged to apply as early as possible as this may affect your study plan in the first term.

Please refer to the following website for more information:

15. If my student record on credit transfer has not been updated at the beginning of Fall term, what should I do?
Please contact Mr. Frankie Man at SBM UG Programs Office ASAP ( for assistance.