Before Registration

Congratulations on joining the HKUST Business School. Now that you’ve been admitted, there are a few things you need to do to secure your place.

Note: This section applies to Direct Admission / International applicants only, JUPAS and Mainland JEE applicants will have a slightly different admission process. You will receive your admission package very soon!

Step 1
Confirm acceptance of your offer by submitting your deposit before the deadline stipulated on your offer letter.

Step 2
Send your transcripts to the University Recruitment Admissions Office as soon as your final grades are posted.

Step 3
Check out our Facebook, faculty blogs and student blogs to find out what our students and faculty members think about their lives at HKUST.
There are many opportunities waiting for you at HKUST, so get connected to the HKUST community as quickly as you can!

If you still have any questions, just email or call us any time.


Email address


University Recruitment and Admissions Office

JUPAS Admissions

(852) 2623 1118

Direct Admissions

(852) 2623 1118

International Admissions

(852) 2358 6289

Mainland, Taiwan and Macau Admissions

(852) 2358 8384

School of Business and Management

Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions

(852) 2358 6005

Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Advising

(852) 2358 8296