The Dean's Service Awards are given to encourage and recognize students who wholeheartedly engage in community service in or beyond the campus community. Each year our School grants a maximum of 10 Dean's Service Awards, each with an $8,000 cash prize. Award recipients will also receive certificates from the Dean of Business and Management.

How can I get a Dean's Service Award?

Application opens annually (note: to be announced for next academic year)

To apply for a Dean's Service Award, you will need to:

  • Fill in an application form and provide a detailed summary of services you have performed during that particular year and
  • Provide TWO referees' SIGNED reference letters or any other essentials to support your candidacy for the awards.

Shortlisted applicants will be called for an interview. Please note that absence from the interview will automatically lead to your withdrawal from the award selection.

Selection is based on:

  • Your proven record in the provision of services in or beyond the campus community, and
  • Demonstrable record of leadership and organizational abilities
Recipients of Dean's Service Award 2020
  • CHAN, Mei Kei Maggie, Year 2, BBA (Information Systems) 
  • CHEUNG, Shu Ting, Year 2, BBA (Information Systems)  
  • CHOW, Hiu Ying, Year 1, BBA (Marketing) 
  • DATTA, Siddhartha, Year 4, BBA (Global Business and Information Systems)
  • FONG, Kei Him, Year 4, BBA (Professional Accounting) 
  • LAM, Yuk Chak, Year 2, BBA (Global Business) 
  • TEKRIWAL, Naman, Year 1, BBA (Management) 
  • TSANG, Wing Yu, Year 2, BBA (Economics)
  • TSUI, Ka Hei, Year 2, BBA (Quantitative Finance) 

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