Briefing Session for SBMT2110G/ ENGG2900E/ SCIE1090E- Community Services Project- Wofoo Grace Nursing Home (Winter-Spring 2018/2019) [Nov 13]

The School of Business & Management, together with School of Engineering and School of Science are opening the Wofoo Grace Nursing Home Community Services Project (Multi-coded course: SBMT2110G/ ENGG2900E/ SCIE1090E) in the coming Winter to Spring Semester (2-credit). Briefing Session will be hosted by the NGO partner and the School to let you know more about the projects’ details and the logistics. If you would like to make good use of your Winter and Spring semester to do something meaningful, here come the good opportunities! Students who have attended the Session will be given higher priority in joining the project. 


In this project, you would get the chance to work with students coming from different Schools, in producing Life Memoir for the elderly in the nursing home. A Life Memoir (生命回憶錄) is a collection of elderly’s life stories speaking from his/her perspective. In this project, you would spend quality time with the elderly and get to know more about their life experience. These old friends would always amaze you by their exciting stories. By the end of the project, you would work with a partner to organize their pictures and life stories and compile as a life memoir for them as gift! The time you interact with our elders can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Spend a minute to watch the video to find out the reasons why this is the best course you should enroll.

Quotes from past participants:

WONG, Yi Ting (School of Business, Year 2) 
I found myself in the midst of a trial or struggle, I could be easy to feel as though things will never change. But our elderly taught me that life has a rhythm, and nothing ever stays all-bad or all-good. It’s the bitterness that makes our life sweeter.

Lam Tsz Chun (School of Engineering, Year 1) 
They appreciate our time and the work we did and were often happy to compliment and thank you for good work. Time with them was valuable and it was highly enjoyable.

FUNG, Sze Wai (School of Science, Year 3) 
The elderly gave me valuable insight into the ageing process and what’s to come. It gave me an opportunity to think about what matters most to me in life. 

Briefing session schedule:

Date: November 13, 2018 (Tue)
Time: 18:00-19:00
Venue: Room 1003, 1/F, Lee Shau Kee Business Building
Language: Cantonese 

*All students from Business School, Engineering School and Science School are welcome to register for the briefing session at here by November 13, 2018.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Twiggy Wu of Undergraduate Student Development & Career Services (HKUST Business School) at