SBMT2100K-T2 Community Services Project -The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) Briefing Session

SBMT2100K-T2 Community Services Project - The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) Briefing Session

The Community Services Project (SBMT2100) gives students the opportunity to work in teams with a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) on a project that applies concepts, knowledge, skills and methodologies learned from business courses to specific, real-world business problems and issues.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) is now looking for a group of students who have strong interests to formulate a marketing plan for the project “uKitchen” of Jockey Club Ping Shek Youth S.P.O.T. .


Objective of the project

The purpose of project is to help the Jockey Club Ping Shek Youth S.P.O.T., make use of the new kitchen which can help to enhancing local capacity and youth involvement in the community by providing the related services. Furthermore, by devising appropriate marketing strategies using business knowledge, students could suggest innovative ways to help on marketing and promote the kitchen services.


Contents of the project

Project Task


Research on the market

Student have to conduct a marketing research to figure out the customer’s need

Build up the potential network on partnership

Student have to explore the potential business partner on the project

Create the social media marketing strategy

Student have to create the marketing strategy for promoting the kitchen services to the public, meanwhile, analysis the strengths and weaknesses of each popular social media channel and how to use them.

Design a sustainable marketing plan for 18/19  year

Students have to design an annual plan for the project for 18/19 year plan which can be sustainable workout.

Arrange an event

Student have to organize one activity by using the venue and facilities of kitchen with the targeted customer or services user at Youth S.P.O.T., aimed to execute the outcome of the project.

Course Duration: Feb 2018 - May 2018
Graded: P/F
Credits: 2

- Students with marketing experience will be highly preferred
- Year 2-4 BBA students in academic year 2017-2018 only
- Fluent in Cantonese is preferred 

Project Scopes

Please download the supplementary note for project details.

Project Briefing Session
The briefing session will allow you to get more details about the project and talk to the representatives of the organization. After that, you can enroll through the methods mentioned in the Project Scopes if you are willing to commit to the project.

Date:               12 Jan 2018 (Fri) 
Time:               2:00-3:00pm 

Venue:            LSK1001
Medium:          Cantonese

Registration:   Please login with your ITSC account here for registering the Briefing Session on or before 8 Jan 2018. 

Students who have attended the briefing session will be given a priority in selection of applicants.

*UG Programs Office of HKUST Business School reserves the right to cancel the event if the registration is lower than a specified number. Those who wish to participate in this event are highly recommended to register as soon as possible. 

*In case of absence due to emergency, students are requested to cancel your online registration (i.e. login at here) or notify the school at before the registration deadline).


Supplementary notes: