HKUST International Case Competition [Oct 25]

Final Round Presentation - Open to Public

HKUST International Case Competition (HKICC), former Citi-HKUST International Case Competition (CICC), is a world-class business case competition in Asia region organized by HKUST. Over a dozen of teams from leading business schools from all over the world will compete for the championship in Hong Kong every year since 2003.

There will be four undergraduate students in each team. The competing teams will be presented with business cases developed for the event by The Thompson Center for Business Case Studies, HKUST Business School. The case provides background about an organization and outlines a set of pressing business issues that senior management needs to address. Supporting data and other associated information such as annual reports, financial data, and market research studies will also be provided as references.

HKICC consists of a Kick-off case competition and a Main case competition. The competing teams will have 3 hours to prepare for the kick-off case and 22 hours to prepare for the main case, using their skills and expertise in a wide range of business disciplines from accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operational management, strategy and technology to complete their analyses. Each team of students will present their findings and recommendations to a panel of judges who come from the business world.

The Kick-off Case Presentation and the Division Round Presentation will be open to all Faculty Advisors of the participating teams but no external audience is allowed while the debriefing session afterward will be open to respective Faculty Advisors only. The Challenge Round Presentation is open to Faculty Advisors and the HKUST community but is closed to all HKICC participating student teams. The Final Presentation will be open to public.

Details will be released in July 2018 on our official website: (under construction)